Services / Performance

entrepreneurs of medium-sized and large companies

  • we improve the security and the continuity of their businesses
  • we improve the evaluation and transfer of their business
  • we define a mutual profile for potential buyers and develop selling strategies
  • we select potential buyers, including
  • strategic partners
  • financial investors
  • long-term investors: Family Offices, Industrial Holdings
  • Management Buy-In / - Buy-Out

  • GRUNER & PARTNER advises investors in medium-sized businesses
    - according to their interest –

    as Competitors concerning
  • the acquisition of skills in core business
  • the expansion of supplier and customer access
  • site backup
  • the use of synergies by vertical integration

  • as Companies of up- and down-stream production stages concerning
  • the expansion of the product range
  • the direct access to sales-, purchase- and labour markets
  • the use of synergies by vertical / horizontal integration

  • as Financial investors concerning
  • the construction / expansion of the sector portfolios
  • the use of synergies by vertical / horizontal integration

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